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At Florida Full Service‚ we cover a number of districts in the Jacksonville area‚ including…

Here’s a glimpse at some of Jacksonville’s most desired areas:

Riverside – nestled in the “hip” part of Jacksonville‚ Riverside is known for being one of Jacksonville’s most coolest neighborhoods. It’s rich with culture‚ history‚ charm and modern design. Though it is full of luxurious apartments and upscale waterfront home‚ Riverside is neither pretentious or boring. Riverside is ALL about community and urban living.

Northside – if you’re looking to be surrounded by the awe–inspiring beauty of nature‚ then Northside‚ Jacksonville is your place. Its benefits include being close to the airport and plenty of shopping and Jacksonville attractions. Located just 20 miles away from the city‚ it’s known for it’s outdoor tourism spots like the Talbot Island State Park‚ Kingsley Plantation and Ecological and Historic Reserve.

The Southside and Mandarin – This up and coming hotspot is a mecca for shopping‚ outdoor activities and historical sites. Over the years‚ it’s really come into its own as a vibrant business center. Its open air shopping features high–end hotels‚ innovative retail shops‚ movie theaters‚ a thriving nightlife‚ residential homes and a diverse selection of restaurants.

Downtown – Skyscrapers and St. Johns River are the perfect backdrop to Downtown‚ Jacksonville. It’s bustling downtown living is rich with Fortune 500 companies‚ world–class museums and urban flair. The contemporary professional will love Downtown for its fast paced living and numerous nightlife options. Home of the Jaquars Football Stadium and Ampler Theater that seats over 5‚000 people offering the best live entertainment.

The Beaches – Get swept away in the warm waters and soft sands of Jacksonville beaches. Nestled in the Historic Mayport‚ this area includes Mayport‚ Atlantic Beach‚ Jacksonville Beach‚ the beautiful Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach. It totals 22 miles of un–crowded beaches‚ making this area your perfect getaway. Not only will you be blown away by the luminous sunrises‚ but you’ll also love the abundance of nightlife‚ restaurants and water activities.